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I have been watching The Best Restaurants in the World and was surprised to see what Molecular cooking was actually about. I was feeling sad as people are paying exorbitant amounts of money to get the real taste of fruit, vegetables, meats, etc that we have all grown up with. So then I started to wonder what had brought this on and did some research about how cooking has involved over the years. Cooking is closely linked to products grown by farmers etc and brought to market for sale. The world has become extremely hungry and Science has been changing the molecular structure of our vegetables, fruit, herbs spices, etc to get them to be drought resistant, heat resistant, disease resistant and the Lord only knows what else but they have destroyed the flavour of the vegetable fruit or whatever they have decided to get to grow quicker to feed everyone.

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Having a 5-year old grandchild is such a blessing because you are transported back in time and find that you are growing all sorts of vegetables in pots around the house as the enquiring mind wants to know how they grow, what they taste like, and how long it takes to grow. So I have been eating home grown vegetables and find that the flavor is more intense than the product I have just bought from the shop. Started to wonder why – picked just be fully ripe to get to market and sold before ripe. Because of this a lot of flavors is lost because the vegetable or fruit now finishes ripening in a box – plastic container.

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I have now realized that we will have to go back to basic cooking with simple ingredients and as few items as possible. Imagine cooking something with 27 components just to get one simple taste. No thank you as much as I am fascinated by this new method of cooking I find the old fashioned way of cooking is still the best. You can speed it up by using pressure pots and slow cookers. Pressure pots and slow cookers have changed so much in the years since I trained as a chef that I find I have reverted back to using them and found delight in making Slow Cooked Barbeque Pulled Pork – then I found I could use the same recipe for Beef and people kept coming back for more.

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I will be posting some very simple recipes that I have been working on cakes, biscuits, chicken, spring rolls; the list is growing by the day. But all will be within reason and economical so that you can still enjoy meals that people would pay for in a 5-star restaurant. I am still working on my sauces as I have to perfect them properly before I let you have them. Bon Appetite for now! By Bernadette Longueira

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