Over the weekend I came a across a new product that Moir’s has put on the market.


I am sure somewhere along the line you have seen on Pinterest and You tube the cake in the mug recipe and have tried it out.
I have had reservations after my marshmallow fiasco. I prefer the guaranteed microwave recipes over hack tricks.

So, I decided to give it whirl as it had my curiosity peaked.
I followed the instructions on the back.

And Viola cake in a mug.


It taste good enough for a cake fix, and I am sure over time I will be adding different toppings to make it more than it is right now.
So, if you want a cake mix but can’t see yourself forking out R200 for a cake that is drier then tasty these days. Then this will help you with a cake fix.
Follow the instructions they have, they are there for a reason.
Keep in mind that you will always have different results with different microwaves and if your microwave is anything like mine the more you use it one after the other the less time you will need for the next item you are preparing in the microwave.