Celebrating National Gum Drop day on the 15th February 2018
Origins of the gumdrop is a mystery. The legend has it that the gumdrop was created in 1801, how is not clear. The gumdrop had become popular by the late-19th century.
A Ohio candy manufacturer named Percy Truesdell is credited with formulating the modern gumdrop in 1915.


Percy Truesdell

In 1915 a candy manufacturer named Percy Truesdell started producing a gumdrop with an enhanced texture, using a formula he developed while conducting experiments at Ohio State University. Truesdell came to be known as “the gumdrop king” and was credited with inventing the modern soft gumdrop, but assertions in his 1948 obituary accounts that the gumdrop had previously been a hard-candy jawbreaker are not consistent with earlier descriptions. Truesdell’s gumdrops are the likely inspiration for an erroneous Internet meme that gumdrops were invented by a Percy Trusdale in 1801.

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