A meatball is ground or minced meat rolled into a small ball, along with other ingredients, made to taste just like your Grandmother used to make. In some countries, other ingredients have been used instead of meat like fish, chicken, vegetables.


I have counted over fifty different countries so far with meat ball recipes, and with him them I am sure there is hundreds more, which leave the meat ball dish a very diverse dish to have for a meal.


When we do think of meatballs we think Italian only because they made it into their own and turned it into a staple dish in their culture featuring it into movies, adverts promotions as well as any Italian menu. But alas there is no real date of who, when and where this dish really came from we have had to rely on recipes that have been around for ever in a day so no country can take the real credit for this invention of a dish served all around the world. It’s been passed around and modified to best suit the country and their preferred ingredients.