In 1890, a group of eight New York City bakeries joined forces to form the New York Biscuit Company and built a factory in West Chelsea. Eight years later, they merged with, Chicago’s American Biscuit and Manufacturing to form an even larger conglomerate – the National Biscuit Company. In 1901, the National Biscuit Company put their abbreviated company name on a box of wafers for the first time – Nabisco. Soon, Nabisco became the company’s official name.


On April 2, 1912, the National Biscuit Company created the Oreo Biscuit “Two beautifully embossed chocolate-flavoured wafers with a rich cream filling,” It is commonly stated the given date of registration was March 6th, which is why that is National Oreo Day.  However, a simple patent and trademark search reveals that oft-repeated date is incorrect. In fact, it was actually filed on March 14, 1912 and registered on August 12, 1913.


When the cookie was first introduced in 1912, it appeared as an Oreo Biscuit, they changed the name in 1921 to Oreo Sandwich. Then in 1937 they changed it to Oreo Creme Sandwich before changing it to its current name in 1974 – Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. But no matter what it is called, most people have referred to the cookie simply as an “Oreo.”

Over 362 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since it was first introduced in 1912, making it the best selling cookie of the 20th century.