By Bernadette Longueira

With the world becoming so small and all the beautiful web pages and TV programs on cooking it is amazing at what you can find.  But I still find that people seem to make recipes complicated, it makes me wonder if it is a way of them protecting their rights to the recipes.  But believe it or not I find that even the most complicated recipes are quite simple if you break it down carefully.  The way they do things with new molecular cooking and water baths etc. make it sound difficult but everyone seems to be forgetting the simple basics of cooking. 

The other night I watched an episode of Master Chef Australia; I was actually stunned that the judges did not know how to make the mayonnaise have less of an egg taste to it. That is one of the first things I learnt when I started my training – I was trained in the Classic French Style – not sure if they use it, I know when they have the Michele Star Chefs on they are all trained in the Classic French Style.  


The sad thing about the show and what they tend to forget is the little people.  We don’t all command great salaries and we don’t all live on our credit cards.  Yes they have published some recipes using fresh lentils and beans but believe it or not in our country they are just as expensive as the tins and therefore is classed sometimes as a luxury item unless it’s their season then we do get better prices.  We cannot all afford caviar and smoke salmon.  I love smoked salmon so once in a blue moon I treat myself.  So I will continue posting more simple and economical recipes as they come up and are tested.  I love to play the Invention Test at home with what I find in my kitchen and have come up with some good recipes just have to make some minor corrections and yes they include Korean and Chinese spices and twists to dishes.  

At the moment I am trying to plan my Christmas Day Lunch – I have the main sorted but I now have to find a delicious cold pudding for the finale.  Will give the full menu once I have it all sorted.


To sort out mayonnaise that has too much of an egg taste, just gradually add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar at a time until the balance is right then you can add more oil to thicken it again.  Warm water will also have the same effect you will land up with a lot of mayonnaise so be aware.  Normally if you want to make a little mayonnaise just two egg yolks are sufficient.  Also if the mayonnaise is too runny and that can happen. Separate two eggs beat them well and pour in a little at a time until the mayonnaise starts to thicken.