There is no exact date on when baking, cake making and decorating began, it is thought that the Babylonian’s taught the Egyptians the art of baking, there is a painted panel of around 1175 BC, depicting the court bakery of Ramesses III, illustrating the preparation of cakes. The wedding cake has the longest tradition and history. The tradition of cakes for weddings traces back to Roman times. A small and basic fruit cake would be made from food that was traditionally offeredas an appeasement to the gods. This cake would be crumbled over the bride’s head so that the gods would bless her with abundance – they called this ‘crowning the bride’. At first, only wealthy families who could afford the practice, with poorer families scattering grains of wheat or corn over the bride, for fertility. Crowning the bride continued until about 200 years ago. The ritual has been split into two parts – rice or confetti is thrown over the bride to encourage fertility and each guest is given a slice of cake to eat or take home (girls were supposed to sleep with a slice of cake under their pillows to induce dreams of future husbands).