Hi Everyone, thank you coming to visit us on our web page.  I know I have been very quite so far, but I have sorted my computer problems out and will be posting on the Blog page from time to time with updates tips and all things asked and answered.

I love cooking and enjoy seeing what other people do.  At the moment I have a task on hand to find tasty Low GI recipes to help my daughter.  They will still be budget friendly and will also be including quite a few dishes that do not include meat, fish or chicken.

An interesting fact that I have read about Aubergines is that they are considered Brain Food, helps with Blood Circulation, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Blood Clots, Weight loss and will even help with people wanting to Quit Smoking, but you have to eat them with the skin on as the best part with all the good stuff is in the skin. Recommended way of cooking is baking them in the oven. 

So I will get my thinking cap and see what I can find.

03-08-2016 – Bernadette Longueira